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What Are the Dimensions of a Soccer Field in the World Cup?

All World Cup soccer fields must be a minimum of 110 yards to a maximum of 120 yards long by a minimum of 70 yards to a maximum of 80 yards wide. These dimensions are applicable for international soccer matches. The dimensions of World Cup soccer fields must adhere to those cited in Law 1 of FIFA's Laws of the Game.

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Despite the significant range in FIFA-approved field dimensions, World Cup pitches are typically close in size, if not identical. First National Bank Stadium in Johannesburg, used during the 2010 World Cup, had a pitch size of about 115 yards by 74 yards. Olympiastadion Berlin, used in the 2006 World Cup, had the same pitch size.

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In international matches, such as today's World Cup, the length of the field must be between 110-120 yards (330-360 feet), with a width between 70-80 yards (210-240 feet). The width of each line ...

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by Pele, Robert L. Fish, Shep Messing. Skyhorse, 2007. The field is rectangular, with a required width between 26 and 28 meters at either goal line and with sidelines between 26 and 28 meters in length. from Historical Dictionary of Soccer.

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A FIFA soccer field is 110–120 yards (100–110 m) long by 70–80 yards (64–75 m) wide. FIFA ...

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The World Cup field dimensions are the same as the optimal FIFA dimensions: 110-120 yards (100-110 meters) long by 70-80 yards (64-73 meters) wide. Football Field Dimensions For reference, and because many soccer fields are created from football fields, here are those dimensions.

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Based on the FIFA rules for international matches dimensions of fields are: Length: minimum 100 m, maximum 110 m. Width: minimum 64 m, maximum 75 m. Centre mark: at the midpoint at the halfway line. Circle with a radius of 9.15 m. Goal area: Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, 5.5 ...