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The fielding positions in cricket have a variety of different names, some of which sound quite strange! You’ll hear them mentioned all the time by the commentators when you’re watching a game, so it’s important that you get to know the difference between them all.

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Cricket fielding positions 11 players: Another position on the field’s perimeter is the third man, which is located behind the square on the opposite side of the field. The location should be aligned with where the slip fielders are or will be, which is around a 45-degree angle to the batter.

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The cricket field is divided into two parts – Off and On/Leg side. The positions start with a keeper and move through slips, third man, point, covers, and mid-off to the field positions on the leg side such as mid-on, midwicket, square leg, and the fine leg, to name a few. In this article, we will cover all major fielding positions on a ...

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Working out the cricket fielding positions. Most of the positions are named roughly according to a system of polar coordinates… One word (Leg, Cover, Mid-wicket) specifies the angle from the batsman, and is optionally preceded by an adjective describing the distance from the batsman (silly, short, deep or long).

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Cricket Ground and Fielding Positions. As per ICC Standard Playing Conditions defines the minimum and maximum size of the playing surface for international matches. Law 19.1 of ICC Test match Playing Conditions states: As per the rules the playing area should be a minimum of 150 yards (137.16 metres) from boundary to boundary square of the ...

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This video not only tells all the fielder positions (field placements) in Cricket, but also explains it in a manner that you will not forget them easily. Th...

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Fielding in the sport of cricket is the action of fielders in collecting the ball after it is struck by the striking batter, to limit the number of runs that the striker scores and/or to get a batter out by either catching a hit ball before it bounces, or by running either batter out before they can complete the run they are currently attempting.